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25 thoughts on “The site has moved!

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the trilogy ending with The Amber Light, I could never wait to get the next book and continue the story. I would rate it 110% except for one thing. I like happy endings……the fact that Kim could not cure the house of the evil and live there happily made me sad. So, my rating will have to be 98%. I wish you could write another one and this time have the couple rid the Beacon House of the evil. But, as far as the writing goes, it was a true spellbinder and I loved all except the final ending.


  2. Just finished reading the house by the sea great book it kept me up till late to finish it would love to read some of the other books by this author


  3. Gosh Cathy! Great review but, now the ending has been spoiled for all of us who haven’t gotten that far. Not to worry though, this series is still worth reading. All Is Good! God Bless u and urs!


  4. I found your book, Whispering Corridors, through BookBub, and finished it about an hour ago. Thank you! I love a good ghost story, but I don’t find many that go the psychological route in this way these days. That’s what I always look for. Fill a book with over-the-top gore and I’m quitting it early. I was with this one all the way, and I enjoyed your writing style so much I just came back from buying seven more Amazon. For the next few months (I read slowly because I tend to backtrack often) I’ll be reading Medicine For the Dead, Sick House, Wretchedness, The Lonesome Dead, Transmission and Dark Side Blues. The blurb for Transmission sounds so twisted I think I’ll start with that.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment! I’m very happy to hear that Whispering Corridors scratched that itch for you, and I hope that the others do the same. Comments like yours are what keep me tapping those keys late into the night. Take care, and happy reading!


  5. I just got done reading The SeancΓ© in Room 10 and I LOVED IT! It was so creepy and spooky that I know I will have nightmares about some of the terrifying part. I have read several of ur books, and to be honest, I can’t really decide which is my favorite. I guess I keep adding to my favorites list! Haha! Thanks for the scary awesome read and please keep them coming! U will have a fan for life!


  6. I just finished reading The Sick House. I don’t really find horry books as I never find them scary but I have to say that change with The Sick House!! One of the best horror books I have ever read. Vivid, realistic characters, beautiful prose and an ending that I found very satisfying. You sir, have made a fan of me, and I cannot wait to delve into the further supernatural adventures of Harlan Ulrich and your other books. Keep up the most excellent work!!!


  7. I just read Asylum (the Afterlife Investigations Book 1) Is was really good and I can’t wait to read the next boo. I think it would be a great horror movie. I enjoy a lot of your books. Glad I found you..

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  8. Just finished reading Seance in Apartment 10. Damn! Freaked me out. Good job, Ambrose. I’m not easily spooked and I lost some sleep with that book.


  9. The occupant was a thrilling conclusion to the trilogy involved. Excellent writing skills and a very easy read. I can’t wait to read more of your books!


  10. I was looking for a ghost story and came across The Afterlife Investigations, finished all 3 books in less than a month, much more than a ghost story, awesome. waiting for “Voices”


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